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The passion for Commodore computers is now shared by many people of all ages. Just do some research online to realize how many blogs, sites and forums are dedicated to the subject. Emulators and ROMs are available everywhere, and you can find just about everything on online second-hand markets. Many developers have released new hardware and adapters for peripherals not to mention the ever-evolving software scene and the continuous development of new games . Most of the Commodore Computer components are easily available online and there are dedicated sites (see Amigakit). Thanks to collecting, interest in these machines has been on the rise for many years now. Vintage computers (not just Commodores) are highly sought after, whether they are functional or not, they attract the attention of many enthusiasts.

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Welcome to This website is aimed at all people who, like us, have cultivated a passion for computers over time Commodore. Passion that is reflected in these pages, and which in addition to the Commodore includes all those computers that today we define as "vintage", and which have been the undisputed protagonists of the history of informatics technology. Retrocomputing enthusiasts, collectors, nostalgics, lovers of retrogaming, you are in the right place! In these pages you will find tutorials, useful links, in-depth information, direct access to the official web pages of emulators, developers of new games and lots of information, accessible from the menu on the left of the pages or from the menu below.

In the side menu or the main one on this page you will find direct access to the main topics of the site, as is made up of many web pages, given the ever-increasing amount of topics covered, happy browsing:

Commodore PET

Commodore MAX Machine

Commodore 16

Commodore 128

Amiga 600

C64 Repairs

Datasette Maintenance

ATX Amiga 500 Power Suplly

Format Floppy Disk 720Kb

Pictures from PC to C64

Trasfer PC-Amiga Files

Emulators and Adapters

Aesthetic Restoration

Build Null-Modem Serial Cable

C64/C16 Joystick Adapter

Commodore VIC-20

Commodore 64

Commodore 65

Amiga 500

Amiga 1200

Amiga 500 Repairs

C64 Vic20 Power Supply

Azimuth Calibration

Create Commodore Cassette

Floppy Drive PC-Amiga

Pictures from PC to Amiga

Trasfer ADF PC/Amiga

Online Commodore Emulators

How to use SD2IEC

Build Video Scart Cable


On the pages C64 Repairs and Amiga 500 Repairs access useful information to understand the source of a fault for a possible repair. If you are looking for software (games or programs), there are various ways to get them. Find the tutorials on the pages Create Commodore cassettes and Create Amiga Floppy . On the page Aesthetic Restoration you will find all the information you need to restore your Commodore if you need it. There are many topics covered, the maintenance of peripherals, replacing damaged parts, emulators, collecting and much more. Thank you for visiting

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